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Little Minds Learning Box is a monthly subscription box designed to strengthen your child’s development skills. Activities cover a variety of development areas including both academic and childhood skills. 

  • New monthly theme 
  • One, two, or three child sized boxes 
  • Holiday or non-holiday options

 Boxes start at $29.95. Discounted prices offered with 3 and 6 month subscriptions. 

Theme Based Activities

Themes will consist of 12-15 activities from various areas of early childhood development and will vary between seasonal, holiday (optional), and familiar childhood favorites.  

All boxes contain a parent supply list that includes common household items, supplies (glue, coloring tools, etc.), and a shopping list for child-friendly recipes. 

Early Childhood Development 

Development areas include:

  • - Crafts and recipes
  • - Cognitive development, including STEM and critical thinking
  • - Physical development, including gross motor and fine motor skills
  • - Social-emotional development
  • - Language development, including early reading skills and songs

LMLB Book Club *New*

We are so overjoyed as we introduce LMLB Book Club! 

LMLB can be purchased as a 3 or 6 month subscription. Each month you will receive a book that matches our monthly theme. You can purchase a book club subscription with or without out a learning box subscription.

Check out the Book Club tab to learn more.

 With many years of experience in the field and a higher education background in child development; our activities are carefully planned and selected to be fun, as well as developmentally educational. Our belief is that child development is more than knowing just the ages and stages. We understand that each child is unique and will reach stages of development at different times. With that belief in mind, we include suggestions on how to modify activities. This helps create a more  personalized experience that better suits your child's needs and abilities.   

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Little Minds Learning Box is an exciting subscription box for all the young children in your life. Learning boxes are great for homeschooling, stay-at-home parents, nannies, weekend activities or gifts. 

Some of our favorite gifting recommendations are holidays, birthdays, and new sibling arrivals. 

Shipping available in the United States.